Quiessence HDMI Cable
The New HDMI cable boasts the fastest signal transfer of over 21.8gb/s bandwidth and a Unique Silver plater connector. With silver plated copper conductors, nitrogen injected to prevent oxidisation, the ETI Quiessence HDMI is a cable that will maximise the quality of your viewing and listening experience!
Maintaining ETI's principles in which we believe good quality products shouldn't break the bank, the ETI Quiessence HDMI cable is not only able to compete with some of the most recognisable brands on the market, It doesn't cost you an arm or a leg with prices starting from RRP$99.00 and come in a variety of lengths.
Rigourous testing has been undergone to maintain quality over the course of this project to make sure the HDMI meets our high expectations of quality.
Specifications include:
Silver plated copper conductors - to give an efficient signal transfer
Quad layer core shielding - to remove electro-magnetic and radio frequency interferance so your signal is as clean and crisp as possible
Nitrogen injected - to prevent oxidisation and maintain the integrety of the core conductors
HDMI Version 1.4a - the latest version in HDMI technology
3D support - giving you the most out of your equipment with support for 3D televisions
Return signal channel - allowing fewer cables at the back of your tv with the ability to send and recieve sound to your home theatre reciever
Active Chipset - boosting the signal for cables over 3m length
Silver plated connector - protected from oxidisation, silver is proven to have a lower contact resistance as a metal than your regular gold plated connectors. As well as giving you clean and stunning picture and sound, this helps the HDMI to really look the part!
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