eXpress AC Power Cable
The ETI eXpress Power AC Enhancing Cable incorporates a newly discovered resonance control technology that provides cleaner AC to the components it is connected to.

An extruded length of aluminium, hard wired into the AC mains power path, mechanically dissipates resonances and high frequency ‘noise’ found typically on AC mains. Fractal math, used to determine the shape and length of the extrusion, very clearly causes HF resonances and electrical ‘noise’ to play themselves out passively - as opposed to being filtered electrically.
As there are no capacitors, inductors, or other electronic components in AC power path there are no added reactances to negatively affect the power supplies of the connected components. The eXpress AC Cable has high current capability which makes it suitable for the most demanding amplifiers or systems.
When a component’s power supply works more efficiently sound quality is improved.
Expect to hear:
• Improved clarity and detail
• Reduction in grain and background noise
• Better rhythmical drive and bass control
The eXpress AC Cable is ideal for CD/DVD players, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, processors, projectors, plasma screens etc. For ultimate performance each component with a detachable power cord would have an eXpress AC Cable attached.


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