eXpress 4 Cable Range
The Express Truth: People use music to their feelings.When good listening is not enough cables bring the music closer to the soul, infusing emotion.In the modern, fast paced world, taking the time to slow down and enjoy their favourite CDs and MP3 downloads has become increasingly important to people. cables give them the final reason they need to take that time. Everyone has their favourite CDs or MP3 downloads. They’ll be rewarded with higher thrills, bigger emotions and invigorated spirit.
Express Wire: The wires are a true evolution. We learned from the success and critical acclaim of our first foray into high performance audio cables. We’ve added practicality and flexibility through multi-core wires. Enhancing the sonic qualities to even greater heights . wires are unique. The product of more ingenuity and hours of listening comparisons. Around the purest of copper conductors we utilise special materials to minimise inductance, capacitance and resistance. All gauges and densities are formulated around the omnipresent S/G S/G Ratio . The Express range features three designs that are optimised for their respective applications
– Unbalanced Interconnects
– Balanced Interconnects
– Speaker Cables
S/G Ratio: The Golden Ratio for signal transmission is ETI’s patented Signal/Ground or S/G Ratio Formulated from listening experience and physics funda-mentals the S/G Ratio is applied to many aspects of the cables’ conductivity to optimise the electron flow. Key to its implementation are the deliberate differences, physical and electrical, between a cable’s signal and ground conductors. Most famously applied to the solid copper cores of cables, research into the S/G Ratio was extended and is now applied to the unique wires used in the eXpress CU and eXpress HB range. When implemented successfully audio system performance is appreciably better. Increased detail and smooth reproduction deliver a high end presentation that good music deserves.
Hybrid Theory: The Hybrid Theory is the metallurgical application of the S/G Ratio . Hybrid connectors are the new performance standard for ETI cables. Our development of high performance audio connectors from the best conductor metals available concluded that Copper connectors are a superb standard for musical enjoyment and Silver is beneficial only in certain applications. Irresistibly superior experimental results were achieved when researching a collaboration between Copper and Silver, and using the differential conductivity to reinforce the S/G Ratio effect of the wiring. ETI’s are completely optimized with Hybrid connectors.
ETI’s Values: ETI’s traditional values are preserved with the new range of Cables.
Completely new and unique cables, Hybrid Theory and the evolution of the S/G Ratio
Continued commitment to high conductivity metals – Silver and Copper - the multi-stranded wires are made from Copper and our commitment to continual development has created the Hybrid Theory.
The new wire configurations are calculated using the fundamentals of the S/G Ratio. Low mass Multi-stranded copper and lightweight cable materials have ensured that electron flow is efficient and undiminished and the cables can be physically handled and shaped for any circumstance.
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