ETI AMG Topper
ETI have been working closely with Lenehan Audio the past few years and in doing so have made some groundbreaking discoveries in relation to resonance control. As with our current topper, the AMG Topper removes the resonance created by the speaker box to allow the audio to be produced more naturally to the recorded track, increasing specifically the dynamics across the low frequency range and sharpness of the image. 
Our new, patented pending AMG ("Anti-Mass Generator") Topper is positive proof that the best ideas are always the simplest. The ETI MG Topper has proven to be extraordinarily effective with every loudspeaker on which it has been used ... and in some other surprising applications too!
To accurately reproduce the signal that is fed to it, a loudspeaker driver must be anchored rigidly in space, thereby providing a fixed reference for the diaphragm’s motion. In practice, no commercial loudspeaker – whether standmount or floorstander – can achieve this; even those with the 75KG mass. Audiophiles have long known of the benefits of mass-loading their speaker’s cabinets by placing unsightly objects such as paving slabs on the top ... yet this only makes the cabinet a little harder to move, and when the bass driver’s energy does set it in motion, it doesn’t want to stop. Mass loading, then, does nothing to attack the fundamental cause of the problem.
The ETI AMG Topper is different. By sitting a smaller weight on a compliant mounting, carefully tuned to a specific resonant frequency, it is able to actively oppose cabinet motion and thus vastly increase the stability of the speaker cabinet or speaker/stand assembly. The weight is housed in a wooden box with an attractive, gloss piano black paint finish and soft feet to prevent marking, and sits unobtrusively on top of any speaker cabinet with a flat upper surface.
Having originally proved their effectiveness with Lenehan Audio's own loudspeakers, further tests on well-regarded models from rival manufacturers showed the ETI AMG Toppers to make an even bigger difference. Either way, the sonic upgrade is immediate and unmistakeable; bass snaps into focus, resolution and clarity are hugely improved right across the frequency range and the soundstage expands.
As a footnote, some enterprising owners have also reported that the ETI AMG Topper proved remarkably effective when placed on top of certain amplifiers and other electronics. Whilst we have verified this in our own factory system, results will vary from component to component so it is not an application that we recommend unreservedly.
This product belongs to ETI and has been designed by Lenehan Audio.
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